5 top city for visit in afghanistan in 2024

5 top city for visit in  afghanistan

 Number one kabul  largest  This city is this city and the central Asia This is population 7 million This city how 34 Providence Populations Living

 In second balkh min mazar e shrif This is this city In Afghanistan This city how Food delicious In best rise in this cooks These people Same Uzbek Culture

 In Third kandahar 

city In Afghanistan This city Very Hostory Dictionary Because this city The Kings Rules cities In Afghanistan Province how best Hospitality people They are very Friendly And best food delicious In number four City in Afghanistan This city how Places And mosque Big mosque

Number five jalalabad

 Providence In Afghanistan This This city in this city this people and the how very Hospitality in their very friendly Because these people seem to same Pakistan culture In this city this how This city how hotel And restaurant in Park and the oceans You You can travel to Afghanistan now quickly get Visa from one country and come to
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